It’s never been more important to have a thriving independent digital design sector

There has been nothing but talk of doom in the independent digital agency sector recently after some big names sold out to move in-house. But does this spell the end for the independent?

The value of the human layer

Experience design feels like the tip of an iceberg to business leaders and the whole of the iceberg to customers. How do we get these perspectives to align?

Six takeaways from our digital and sport event

Last week we hosted a great evening discussion of how digital is impacting the way we enjoy sport. We touched on everything from cardboard cutout league tables to UGC projected in sports stadiums, snapchat to large-scale distribution models and video games broadcast on Youtube to eSports inside huge stadiums with six-figure prizes.

This Girl Can Inspire with digital

How an online community kick-started a national campaign motivating women to get more active.

Introducing the next breed of superstar athlete

Once a geeky bedroom hobby, video gaming is now a global sport with gruelling training camps, packed stadiums and six-figure prize money. Is this digital revolution changing the definition of sport itself?

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