Why the lack of competition in the Australian market is bad news for everybody

In a country that ranks seventh globally for internet connectivity, where 90% of adults use smartphones, why are so many businesses neglecting to embrace new ideas and technology? Our WF Sydney MD Jess Ross considers the lack of impetus for innovation in the Australian marketplace.

Why fans are still the real losers in the sports broadcast bidding war

With the astronomical price of sporting rights only increasing, the dynamic between TV stations, sporting bodies and fans is changing. Luke Parry takes a look at the winners and losers across the UK, US and Australia.

So, how can businesses build and maintain successful digital product capability?

We ran an event to get to the bottom of this very question. Here are our cut-out-and-keep takeaways from a very interesting, informative evening's discussion.

Five principles of collaboration

The secret of a great design agency/client relationship is collaboration, but good collaboration takes a lot more than just regular meetings. Katie Buchanan shares her tips for efficient, effective and damn brilliant working relationships between design and product teams.

The digital leader: The one hire your business needs

As the champion of both the customer experience and digital roadmap, the secret to a successful team is a great leader.

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