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Sketching and the art of making things real

When I was at primary school and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd always reply that I wanted to be a cartoonist. I remember as a kid spending hours creating new cartoon characters and one Christmas, to my delight, I was even given an A0 whiteboard for my room.

Incremental revolution and why Tesla is getting it right

I think Tesla has done a lot right in its short life, and it’s just done it again. While Google et al are working to get the driverless car accepted worldwide (while it’s still looking like a toaster for children), Tesla added a cool Autopilot to a sexy car.

The network within the network: the rise of the mesh

If you’ve been paying attention to recent world events, you’ll have heard of FireChat – an app that’s played a visible part in the unrest in Syria and Hong Kong. FireChat is interesting, but it’s what it is built on that’s much more important: mesh networks.

Don't build a house with sand and other cross-platform design principles

As a digital industry we’ve grown way beyond just designing for the web. With so many clients now asking for cross-platform apps, what approach should we take and which design principles should we follow?

Guac and roll!

We’re all going to miss The Great British Bake Off when the credits…

A reflection on our death of the digital magazine breakfast

Yesterday morning we launched our event series with a scintillating breakfast discussion about…

It’s never been cheaper and easier to make and run a print magazine

Simon Esterson, art director of Eye Magazine, applauds the independents.…

Your magazine can be anything you want it to be

Editor of Offscreen Magazine shows us all that print is far from dead…